This was an 18ft long table we made for a restaurant in Georgia. It was our briliant idea to suggest a design that uses all sorts of cutoff pieces of monkeypod. And I am using the word "brilliant" sarcastically. Because while the end result was awesome, and the idea of using up doscarded lumber was cool, the work was monumental (here is a link to another raw edge monkeypod project where we greatly underestimated the work). To mill and fit all of these pieces together and have the joints not fail at a restaurant where they are going to get beaten up was really important. So we put a ton of time and effort into ensuring that this not only looked super cool but was indestructable. We also built custom steel collars for the 5" square legs, but made them so they were well hidden below the table and inside the legs.  Although in the end it was definitely worth the effort and the client loved it.