These remind me of our drum tables: we always have a bunch of wood cutoffs all over the place and are constantly trying to come up with ways to re-use it all. Of course on paper designing something like these scrappy side tables seems easy. Get a bunch of pieces of wood, stack them all togehter, and there you have it. But that's far from the reality of making these. Here again we wanted the design to have a random look to it, but in order to make the table structurally usable (turns out people like that in their furniture) we needed to mill all of these pieces of wood to specific dimensions. Add to that the idea that we like our randomness well organized and we spent waaaay too much time picking which raw edge piece of wood goes next to which staight edge, piece of wood. How many skinny bits can stack together before you need a thicker one. The result is pretty cool, but for obsessive design people, building this table can be a little like going down the rabbit hole.