This solid teak dining table presented some interesting design choices for us. This client wanted an outdoor table that could handle the elements, not look like it had a couple inches of varnish on it, look refined, but also look casural enough for an outdoor table. So the chrome U legs added a big element of refinement, but we went with our rectangular tubing instead of the more modern flatbar version of this leg to give it more chunkiness. The solid teak slab top also had a few choices. They wanted a natural sort of teak ship yard look to it, but they didn't want it to go totally dull grey like teak does over time (which is actually really nice in our opinion), nor did they want it to look like the aforementioned two inches of varnish, so we opted for putting a few layers of wipe on teak oil to give it enough life without looking over finished. And it's easy enough for the client to wipe the table every now and then with teak oil tokeep it at that level, or they could just let it weather over time which would contrast quite nicely with the mirror like chrome legs.