This reclaimed redwood root ties in well with the other redwood root console on our website. We actually use these two pieces as contrasting examples of what to pick from if you are looking for one of our root pieces. This one is a much more solid piece of wood which brings out the amazing redwood burl throughout the piece. The more solid pieces also help to show off the cut lines of the console really well. If you picture the gigantic root ball this came from, then the client gives us the dimension they want their piece to have, then we mentall draw that rectangular box on the root ball and cut it out with a gian chain saw. So the more solid the piece is, the more you see the nice sharp lines of that rectangular box. So when someone asks us for a root console or a root coffee table, or dining table base, we would use this piece as our example of a more solid root, and the other piece as our example of a more branchy root. Either way they are simply wonderful pieces, and in person they are even more compelling than in the photos.