I should start out by saying we cold have done a much better job photographing this live edge walnut table. In one of the photos we even left the palet jack right next to it instead of simply reaching over and pushing it out of the way. In any case, this is a great example of a multi slab walnut top with a raw edge that we made for client. They wanted us to pick out some contrasting slabs for the top rather than having them all match together. The thinking was/is that each slab will stand out and give them soemthing different to look at each time they are at the table. No if we had taken better photos, you would see that it worked out. Each one of the slabs had it's own character, different figuring, graining, burling, knots, some darker, some lighter. For someone that is really into the variety and organic nature of wood, this is the table for you.