Tree leg

This is actually a hard leg to make. First we program it into the computer and tweak the design and shape to fit the client's needs and the correct support for the table it's going on. Then it gets cut out piece by piece on a giant slab of steel on a water jet. Then hand carved by a metal saw, then days of grinding, more days of polishing, assembly to set the bolts to hold it together, then taking in apart....then more polishing, then to the chrome people (the people that put the chrome on it) then we are done. Of course we can do it in other finishes than just chrome, so just ask.

Trestle leg

A classic design with a modern line. We can do this leg a few different ways, the two most notable differences are with or without the diagonal stretchers which add a certain look as well as making the stability of the table at a whole new level. This style of leg is also a nice non-knee hitting base for those of you sitting on the side of the table.

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